The man who vetted Van Jones for the Obama administration doesn’t know who he is

That man is Joe “Big F’ing Deal” Biden:

Joe-biden Tuesday morning on AM Tampa Bay on 970 WFLA, Vice President Joe Biden was asked by Jack Harris about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  The VP said “I really don’t know about the Van Jones group, except what I read in the press.”  The group is currently protesting in New York City against the social and economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government. 

Later in his response in talking about the frustration seen in the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street Group, Biden said “you have on the one end Van Jones’ guys, whoever he is, talking about Wall Street.”  Jack Harris and Tedd Webb stopped him to tell him he had previously been “Green Czar” in the administration.  The VP responded, “Oh is that… alright”

Van Jones was appointed by President Barack Obama in March of 2009 to the newly created position of Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council of Environmental Quality. Politico reports that Van Jones was vetted by Joe Biden himself.  Van Jones wrote about the VP on the White House website.

Jones resigned from the Obama administration in September, 2009 amidst controversies including his statements alleging U.S. government complicity in the 9/11 attacks as well as particularly disparaging comments about the GOP.

Audio of this idiocy at the link.

And so the evidence that clowns are in charge mounts.

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