That Just Figures…

You wanna know something that really sucks? I mean, really, really sucks?

When I, a seasoned veteran and (occasionally) respected blogger get my ass kicked by a rookie. And worse, not even a true blog rookie, but a frigging “guest poster” at some other blog.


But there are times when I just gotta suck it up, take the butthurting, and give the credit where it is due. Over at Ace Of Spades, Ace is taking a little time off. And he’s let some of his readers (“morons,” as they proudly call themselves) run things along with his regular guest bloggers.


Well, one of those noobs who goes by the name of “John E.” has put together an (wince) absolutely brilliant infographic that gives a quote from Obama, then cites the relevant statistic: either from 2008 or January 2009 (how it was when Obama was saying how bad it is, and how he’d make it better) and the most recent version of said statistic.


And as much as it pains me to feel the envy, it must hurt Obamoids even more.


Go and see for yourself. If you needed absolute proof of just what a SCOAMF Obama has been, there it is. And if you happen to have an Obamoid or two whose heads you need to see explode, make sure they see it.


Oh, hell, make sure everyone sees it.

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