Story Update: Republican Idiot Out Of A Job

In my last post “When Democrats Are Correct” , I told the story of a Republican political appointee in Tulsa, Oklahoma who used his office to gain a benefit for a relative – a benefit not given to any other citizens.

Well, that idiot political appointee has resigned from his job after what he did became public knowledge.

I did not mention everything that the idiot did to get himself in trouble.  However, he had done enough to destroy his credibility with the public, and his actions were a political liability to his Republican boss.

This idiot still insists that he did nothing wrong, but that he was just trying to help a relative.

Yeah, right.  That so-called “help” was only possible because the idiot was an important public official.  Besides, the idiot claimed that his relative wanted to be self-sufficient when it came to pursuing goals.  Now that relative is unable to pursue the goal that he wants to achieve.

I can just imagine what that relative said to the idiot after everything was made public: “Thanks alot, Dad. Because of you, I can’t become what I want to be.”

The idiot’s boss (now former boss), the city’s mayor, had a good reason to worry as long as the idiot was still on the public payroll. Tulsa’s residents have no objection to having a Democrat for their mayor. The person who held the job of Tulsa mayor for the longest time was Democrat M. Susan Savage, who was Tulsa’s mayor for 10 years. Savage could have remained the mayor for a longer period of time, but she left that office when she became Oklahoma’s Secretary of State. (I repeatedly voted for Mayor Savage.)


Democrat M. Susan Savage, one of Tulsa's best mayors.


The man who replaced Savage as mayor (a Republican) lost his re-election bid after he claimed that a Democrat could not be a good mayor. Tulsa’s citizens didn’t buy that B.S. because they knew better, and they replaced that idiot Republican mayor with Democrat Kathy Taylor. (If I had been living in Tulsa when Taylor ran for Mayor, then I would have voted for her.)

By the way, the idiot Republican political appointee at the center of this story was already known to Tulsa residents before he was appointed the mayor’s chief of staff. The same Republican idiot ran against Democrat Mayor Savage in Tulsa’s 1998 mayoral race. I voted against the idiot because I did not want Daffy Duck to be Tulsa’s mayor.

What the Daffy Duck of Tulsa’s Republican Party will do next is anyone’s guess.




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