Hey, Crime Doesn’t Always Pay For Thugs

Hey, remember those union thugs out in Washington state who were so upset that “their” jobs were given to members of a different union? The thugs that were so distraught over the deal that they showed their grief and despair by committing several state and federal felonies as a “work action?”


Well, miracles still happen. Obama’s National Labor Relations Board — the same folks who are currently screwing Boeing over for daring to open a plant in a non-union state — looked into the matter, and (you might want to sit down) found the union had gone a bit overboard. Overboard enough to justify a quarter of a million-dollar fine.


Now, this is good news, but not the best news. The NLRB had actually asked for $290,000 in fines, but the judge “rounded it down.” And he said that he would be more than amenable to more fines if the union doesn’t knock it off.


In an astonishing twist, the union says that they will continue to do “whatever they have to do” to win their fight. For now, that mainly seems to involve “bring your checkbooks for bail and fines.”


Works for me.

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