No Joking Matter

Once again, Rick has scooped me on a story. Fortunately, my own take is different enough from his that I think I can rationalize writing about it, too.


I have long been a big fan of politicians with senses of humor. That’s one of my biggest red flags about President Obama — his style of humor seems mainly intent on insulting and denigrating others. I prefer a bit more humility and self-deprecation in powerful figures. And when he joked about arranging for IRS audits for some of his political enemies, I got a bit of a cold shiver — that’s exactly the kind of abuses that have been carried out by his predecessors.


But that threat pales next to the remarks of North Carolina’s Governor Bev Perdue about helping the budget issues by canceling next year’s Congressional elections is the kind of statement that deserves a political death penalty.


Yeah, later she retracted it, said she was just kidding and just using a little hyperbole. But I don’t buy it for an instant. That she’d even think that it would be acceptable for a high-ranking elected official to state such a thing shows that she is fundamentally unqualified to hold that — or any other — office. She needs to go. If North Carolina has a recall provision, she needs to be recalled. If not, then there needs to be a demand she resign, and challengers for her office — from her own office — need to step up and primary the hell out of this woman.


As I said, I don’t think she was joking. I take her at her initial word. But even if she was — sometimes you just don’t take any chances. Sometimes you have to, as the Air Force likes to say, “honor the threat.”


Nice career you had there, Governor Perdue. Shame you done blowed it up.

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