Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Day To Quit Raking Muck…

Dang, the Jay Tea “luck” struck again. Yesterday, I did a nice little summary on the big scandals (as I see ’em) plaguing the Obama administration, and said that one of ’em was pretty much dead. Well, later in the day, there were big — BIG — developments in two of them, including the one I wrote off.


First up, some new documents in Operation Fast And Furious surfaced that show that the whole “this was a botched sting operation” story is, to be blunt, bullshit. No, this was an operation whose sole purpose was to put guns in to the hands of Mexican drug cartels, even to the point of having the US government (that’s you and me, folks) pay for the guns.


One of my main points about Fast and Furious was that while the conspiracy theories were crazy, the official story was even crazier. Well, now we know why — because the official story was just a flat-out lie. Which means that, as far as I’m concerned, the conspiracy theories — which are not contradictory in the least — are the official explanation, until an alternative — a remotely plausible one — is presented. And all those who pushed this NEED to be tried for espionage, treason, and terrorism. Or, alternately, deported to Mexico to face justice there. Either works for me, and perhaps the threat of deportation might entice them to start talking.


I stand by my earlier declaration: I don’t need to know the motives behind it; I’m perfectly content to let the bare facts stand, unexplained, as various and sundry officials get hauled into court. I would like to know what the reasoning was, but it’s not that important to me.


Next, the awkward one. I thought the liberal-stuffing of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division with hard-core, committed leftist activists was a big deal, but just not likely to take off. And I was partly right — it hasn’t caught the imagination of the public like others have.


But it’s got the Justice Department plenty worried, and that’s pretty damned good in and of itself. Whether or not they actually broke any laws, they’re acting like they did — and if anyone who ought to know if they broke laws, it would be these folks.


My, things are certainly getting interesting, and for all the right people…

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