If You Needed Proof The Solyndra Scandal Has Legs..

If you needed any proof that the left thinks the Solyndra scandal has the potential for serious harm, then look no further: it’s here. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wants you to know that it’s really Bush’s fault.




Now, this is how it works. Back during the Bush administration, they backed a loan program for energy companies. Initially, Solyndra didn’t qualify for consideration. So they lobbied, and got the rules rewritten to allow them to apply, and did so.


So everything that happened after that was obviously Bush’s fault.


What Milbank doesn’t want you to know is that yeah, Bush let them apply. But gave them no special consideration. In fact, they even were denying Solyndra the loan guarantees right up until the last day of the Bush administration.


And once the Obama administration took over, things turned around radically. Solyndra’s rejected application was overturned, and they were granted a loan guarantee. This was done in spite of numerous career bureaucrats saying “hey, they don’t qualify — their business plan sucks! We’ll just be pissing away our money!” And it was even done in violation of existing law — the obligations to the federal government were subordinated to certain private investors (by a wild coincidence, some of Obama’s biggest donors), which is kinda sorta illegal.


What the Bush administration did was the equivalent of someone pulling some strings to get a guy a job interview. The connections got the guy in the door, but it’s up to him to get — and keep the job. And that was done by the Obama administration — who rigged the interview and made sure he got the job.


But that doesn’t matter; it all started on Bush’s watch, which means that even though the Obama administration worked so hard to overturn the rejection and push the loan through, they’re not as much to blame as Bush is.


Do you really think the liberals would be trying so hard to slough some of the blame off on Bush, if they didn’t think this was really, really, really bad?

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