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It has been quite a while since I posted here.  Changing jobs, moving cities, and a host of other complications conspired to distract me from the stories that I would normally comment on.  So it seemed best to leave the blogging to others who were paying more attention.  After some consideration, I’ve decided to start posting again.  Before I begin with news related posts, however, I wanted to give a quick explanation of why I am blogging again, what you might expect from me in terms of focus and content, as well as reasons I’ve been hesitant to return.

Reason number one for coming back would have to be the upcoming election.  There’s really no denying it, I’m an elections junkie.  I even pay attention, from time to time, to those things of dubious quality called polls (shh, no one tell Jay).  I was about to say that this election is shaping up to be historic but that goes without saying–all presidential elections are historic.  But certainly more so than in recent memory I feel this election is critical to the future of the country and to our shared prosperity.

The election also drives the timing of my return.  Despite my interest in elections, many start paying attention to elections far too early.  While early fretting about Donald Trump sent a thousand fingers flying to keyboards, there was really never any chance Trump would run for president, let alone make a significant impact.  Even now is somewhat early.  Remember, around the same time before the last presidential elections, Republican front runners were Giuliani and Thompson and we all know how that turned out.  But a year prior seems about right for legitimate analysis.

In terms of content, I don’t plan on a different focus than before.  For those that don’t know me (which would be pretty much all of you, I imagine), those areas would be national politics, military matters, and global warming climate change.  What I do plan on changing a little, if I am able to find the time, is a focus on editorial comments and fewer posts that are simply links to other content.

A quick note toward my major cause of hesitation–that of insipid comments.  And that goes to both sides of the aisle.  I have close to little tolerance to comments that are clearly boiler-plate material, posted on as many sites as possible with scarcely any thought as to whether the text is relevant to that of the posted article.  Kevin is gracious enough to allow me a platform here to publish my thoughts and allow me, in some small way, to influence an audience.   I don’t take the privilege lightly.  Thankfully the new commenting system here at Wizbang gives much more control over comments.

I will finish with a thank you in advance for reading.  Posting at Wizbang has been a rewarding experience and I look forward to it once again.

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