Obama’s fight against charity

It’s getting scant attention:

Wallet A little-noticed provision in President Obama’s new $447 billion jobs bill seeks to limit tax deduction for charitable giving at 28 cents for every dollar donated, causing big waves along the front lines of those serving in rescue missions and crisis shelters across the country.

The provision in the bill will not only limit the generosity of private donors who give to rescue missions, but it will also hamper the ability of rescue missions to raise private dollars that pay for badly needed services for the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted, these mission groups fear.

“This is a time to increase incentives for all Americans to give; it’s not a time to experiment with disincentives,” John Ashmen, president of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM), told The Christian Post Friday.

“There are some who argue, based on history, that those with a heart for the poor will still give, despite not having the significant tax break. But that’s not a proven fact.”

“Rescue missions and thousands of other nonprofits are on the front lines of the fight against rising poverty,” Ashmen stressed. “The president and Congress should be encouraging more giving to charities that help the poor, not discouraging private donors. “

Ashmen is focused on reversing this part of the president’s American Jobs Act and so are other mission directors in the U.S.

He also says pastors and priests should be encouraging their congregations to follow Jesus’ teachings and rush to the front lines of the war on poverty.

“We wholeheartedly support creating jobs that will help families escape poverty, but the president’s proposal to take money from charities to pay for his jobs bill will reduce help for the poor and homeless,” Ashmen maintained.

Seems that there are always hidden nuggets of poop in legislation this President pushes on America.

So much for transparency.

H/T Lex Communis.

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