Obama Scandals Scorecard: Where We Stand

OK, I finally got around to giving a semi-decent summary of the big scandals pending in the Obama administration, and here’s a quick set of links to each part — and be sure to read the comments as well. You folks had plenty to say about them — expanding on my points, correcting, and in general bringing a lot more information to the table.

Lawyer Stuffing at the Justice Department


Enforcing Union Thuggery


Corporate Cronyism


Operation Fast And Furious


It would be tempting to just leave this as a roundup, but not even I can rationalize being that lazy. So let’s discuss just what kind of potential each scandal has.


Lawyer Stuffing: I think I’m going to have to write this one off. When it first broke, I was disgusted and outraged at the Obama administration staffing the Justice Department with literally nothing but far-left activists who had impeccable liberal credentials. Conservatives and apolitical lawyers need not apply.And simply being liberal wasn’t enough; one had to be very, very far out on the left to avoid having one’s application and resume’ tossed in the trash can recycling bin.


Enforcing Union Thuggery: This one should also be a bigger deal, but the problem is that it’s really just simple political payback and the spoils system, carried out to an improper degree. One expects a politician to do favors for his biggest supporters. It’s how the system’s worked for years. And it’s really not significant to most people who supported Obama that 1) he ran specifically as not the kind of politician who does this sort of thing, and B) he’s doing it to a far greater degree than has been done in the past. It’s a bit of quid pro quo, but we’ve grown jaded to that.


Corporate Cronyism: This one probably has the best legs. This is because this is the most traditional types of scandal — companies give big campaign donations in return for special treatment and bennies from the government. And it helps that it was done the most ineptly — the Solyndra loan guarantee was pushed through with specific provisions that actually violated the law regarding such deals. Someone had to push this through, someone had to guide the application through the process, someone had to make certain the people who were supposed to notice that it broke the law said nothing. And that means there are people who know the truth who might be amenable to naming names.


Operation Fast And Furious: While Corporate Cronyism might be the most damaging, this one is the most serious. To put it bluntly, nobody died at Solyndra and no violations of international law and acts of war were committed by LightSquared. To be blunt, someone in the Obama administration signed off on an insanely stupid and crazy scheme that got quite a few people killed (including United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and many people in Mexico) and broke a lot of American laws and international agreements. And this one has the Obama administration the most perplexed — they can’t come up with a semi-plausible cover story to explain why they did it, and with a literal body count they can’t use their standard “no big deal, everyone does it — hey, look over there! Bush was bad!” dismissal technique.


I don’t think that any of these will rise to the level of impeaching Obama, but the latter two absolutely have the potential to cause major harm to the administration, costing some high-ranking officials (hello, Mr. Attorney General Eric Holder) to lose their jobs and even end up in legal trouble.


So, what can we do? What we should do — keep the pressure on. Keep bringing up the matter. Keep asking questions. Fight the attempts to minimize the situations or change the subject. Don’t let them get away with their standard tactics of shooting the messengers. (I’ve lost count of how many smears have been attempted against Representative Darrell Issa, who has done superb work into digging into these matters. Fortunately, they’ve been amazingly pathetic so far.) Ask your elected representatives (especially Democrats) what they’re doing about the matters, and keep asking and asking and asking.


There are answers. We need them. And we deserve them.

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