In the rush to save the Earth from being destroyed by us big mean old human beings, the US has just signed on to a treaty to ban chlorofluorocarbons because of their effect on the ozone layer. And it’s an absolute ban — no exceptions. Not even for over-the-counter asthma inhalers. Instead, asthmatics will have to switch to new inhalers — prescription-only, more expensive, and far less effective. (Hat tip: Wizbang’s blog-buddy Rob Port, who praises Matt Drudge’s brilliant “Suck It” headline.)


Look, the ozone layer is important. And the damages caused by chlorofluorocarbons — even the tiniest traces in breathalyzers inhalators inhalers — is so serious, we need to do whatever we can to save that ozone layer.


And you asthmatics who are dependent on their inhalers with those tiniest amounts of CFCs? Well, as Drudge says, “suck it.” You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and sometimes you’re the egg. It’s all in making a better world. You might not be able to enjoy it as much, or around to enjoy it at all, but I’m sure we’ll think kindly of your sacrifice. We might even put up a nice, ecologically sound, biodegradable monument to you.


 Update: I had one more paragraph in mind that slipped my mind, but jim_m reminded me of it.


Besides, nearly all environmentalists are die-hard evolutionists. Survival of the fittest and all that. Those asthmatics are, genetically, defectives and weaklings. Think of this as advancing humanity by culling the herd of some folks with seriously flawed genes. Next up, let’s take some hard looks at the “carbon footprints” of the diabetics, mentally disabled, and other defectives.

It's only going to get worse
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