No Cure Yet For Palin Derangement Syndrome

Recently, as part of her new reality show, Bristol Palin and friends visited a cowboy-themed bar in West Hollywood. While riding the mechanical bull, Bristol… um… er… what was I saying? I’ll be in my bunk.

OK, sorry for that. Anyway, while Bristol was riding the mechanical bull, a patron at the bar decided to engage her in a thoughtful, pleasant, meaningful discussion on contemporary literature, parental issues, and commerce:

Personally, I was tremendously disappointed in Bristol Palin’s restraint.

And the gentleman in question: Hardly abashed. In fact, he’s quite proud of his bravery and valor.

Now, some folks might be outraged at this incident. Personally, I see it as an opportunity. Once again, the bar has been lowered — which means it’s been lowered for all parties. The adult children of politicians are now fair game to answer for the “sins” of their parents should they do something as provocative and privacy-renouncing as go out in public.

Still mad at Bill Clinton? Not happy with Hillary Clinton? See Chelsea Clinton, give her an earful. Be sure to offer her a beret and a cigar.

See Joe Biden’s daughter? Tell her that her father’s the biggest blithering idiot ever to hold the office of vice-president. With luck, she’ll be too coked out to remember Dan Quayle.

Sick of Al Gore’s preaching on global warmening while he globetrots with a carbon footprint the size of a Hummer? Then look out for his son, Al III, and… stay the hell away from him. Dude’s got a history of drugs, booze, and seriously dangerous driving. He might kill you by accident, and then not even remember it.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait a few more years before you can unload on Sasha and Malia Obama over their parents. We should at least give them until they’re 18.

And Kara Kennedy — Ted’s daughter — just passed away, so we can’t go after her for the voluminous sins of her voluminous father.

Is this fair? No. Is it right? Hell, no. But when the rules get changed, you have two choices: keep playing by the old rules and get your ass kicked, or adapt to the new rules as fully as you can and show that you can kick their ass under the new rules, too. Then wait for them to beg and plead to go back to the old rules.

Then do so — after giving them one or two last kicks that they’ll remember the next time they think of changing the rules of civil behavior.

Update: Hat tip, Ace Of Spades. And of course, when the verbal assailant acknowledged his homosexuality, the appropriate response was “you love assholes so much, you gotta act like one in public?”

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