The Great One-Way Wall Of Palestine

We’re getting closer to the Palestinians’ appeal to the United Nations for recognition as a sovereign state — Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority is in New York today. And as I think about the possibilities of a Palestinian state, I think about some of the things they intend for their nation.


Recently, their representative to the UN was asked about the status and rights of minorities in a hypothetical state. He said that after all the years of conflict, it would probably be best if the two people were separated — he favored the idea of a properly Judenrein state of Palestine, like the model of the Gaza Strip.


Meanwhile, the Palestinians are still demanding their own “Right of Return” — the right of all Palestinians who fled Israel starting in 1948 (and their descendants) to return to Israel and reclaim their residence. Now, the vast majority of those were the ones who listened to their Arab brethren, who told them “get the hell out of the way; we’re coming to drive those Jews into the sea. Once we’ve kicked them out, you can return.” They’re still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.


Now, to properly reconcile those two demands, they need to construct a one-way barrier around Israel. Jews can only pass into Israel; they won’t be allowed to set one filthy kaffir foot on to the sacred Palestinian lands, which must be kept free of the slightest taint of Jew-cooties. Meanwhile, Palestinians can freely choose to enter Israel and demand full citizenship rights, as well as pass back and forth unimpeded.


Practically speaking, there is a bit of pragmatism here. In Israel, the rights of all are fairly well respected. There are Palestinians who enjoy full citizenship, including some who even serve in the military and in the Knesset, the national legislature. And Israel has the region’s best record on human rights — they even have gay rights parades.


Contrast that with Gaza. When Israel withdrew, the Palestinians promptly set out to eradicate any trace that the Jews had ever been there. The two starkest examples: they demanded that Israel dig up the cemeteries and remove the Jewish bodies back to Israel (can’t have those Jewish bones leaving behind their Jew cooties), and a set of high-tech greenhouses, purchased by Americans from the Jewish owners (who were considering dismantling them and taking them with them) and turning them over to the Palestinians, to help them towards self-sufficiency. They were promptly looted and destroyed.


And it’s hard to imagine any Jew with the slightest sense of self-preservation choosing to live in an area run by Palestinians. Just a few months ago Palestinians invaded a West Bank settlement and slaughtered a couple and three of their children — ages eleven years, four years, and three months. The Fogels had three more children who survived — one was not at home, but returned to find her family’s bodies. The other two were at home, but missed by the killers.


So, let’s sum up the Palestinian plan: to gain recognition as a sovereign state, get rid of (one way or another) of every Jew in their new state, and flood Israel with Palestinians with full citizenship rights — including voting and holding public office, where they can influence Israel’s own policies and laws.


Yeah, this will end well.

But that was then... and this is now
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