Obama Scandal Scorecard: Lawyer Stuffing (Updated: Holy Fricking Crap, It’s Worse Than I Thought)

Of all the scandals so far identified within the Obama administration, the one that seems to have faded into “meh” territory the quickest is the staffing of the Voting Rights division of the Justice Department. Once Obama took office, he started packing that office with some of the most radical voting rights activists he could find — of the 16 appointees identified, each and every single one had a lengthy background pushing in courts the most liberal and absurd and ridiculous voting right “theories” imaginable.


Fortunately. the courts have consistently rejected these wacky ideas, leaving these activists to stew in their own juices. But now, they can return to push their causes with the full force of the federal government behind them. And all it takes is a sympathetic judge to enshrine into law such idiocies as striking down laws that verify voters’ citizenship, require an ID to vote, and keep convicted felons from voting.


I think this has not taken off because there’s nothing illegal or flagrantly unethical about it — people are largely inured to administrations putting its own choice of people in positions of power. And people, generally, are more blase’ about liberal activists than conservative ones.


And that’s a shame — the exclusive focus on radical liberal activists means that there is a decided lack of intellectual diversity and experience in the division. One would think that having at least one token conservative — if for no other reason than to get a preview of how their ideas might go over with those most motivated to oppose them. And a few career lawyers, to bring a bit of professionalism and continuity, wouldn’t hurt, either.


By focusing strictly on radical voting rights activists, the Obama administration is saying that it wants to empower them to advance their agenda, one that has been smacked down time and time and time again by the courts. And since hoping that they’ll get a reality check and come to their senses is a pipe dream, the best case scenario is that they’ll keep trying and trying to get their agenda through, and keep failing and failing. And having them all concentrated in one place might help to minimize their harm — scattered around the country, they just might sneak something through.


The potential of this particular mess to cause lasting harm to the Obama administration is pretty much minimal. Which is a shame, because it could cause real, lasting harm. Instead, we’ll just have to trust folks who have already dug this up to keep their eyes on these rascals until a new administration can take a broom to their hindquarters — and fumigate their offices.


Update: Holy fricking crap. I haven’t been paying proper attention. The fine folks at Pajamas Media have been going through the entire Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, and of 113 Obama/Holder appointees, they have found exactly none without impeccable liberal credentials. No conservatives is one thing, but not a single apolitical professional?

Say what you want — it’s clear that not only are Obama and Holder believers in the Spoils System, they are exceptionally fine practitioners of the art.


Update 2: Link added to update 1. D’oh!

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