Obama Scandals Update: You Need A Scorecard

It’s getting so you can’t tell what’s going on in the various and sundry scandals and probable scandals that the Obama administration is mixed up in without a scorecard or something. So I’m going to try to put together some cheat sheets. I’ll discuss what we know so far about the scandals, what the spin downplaying them says, what the worst-case scenario might be, and where I think it’s going.


So far, I’ve identified five such messes, and I’ll go through each — even if I think they’re going nowhere. They are:

  1. Operation Fast & Furious
  2. Solyndra
  3. LightSquared
  4. The Voting Rights Division of the Justice Department
  5. Boeing’s South Carolina plant

I’ll give a full posting to each, over the next few days.And not necessarily in that order — it’ll depend, frankly, on my mood. For example, I’ll probably do #4 first, as it looks like it’s the easiest.

Anyone want to nominate any others I might have missed?

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