Obama jobs plan to be trumpeted at company that outsources half its workforce

Smart move there Mr. President:

American-jobs-act President Obama today is visiting a small North Carolina manufacturing company that has outsourced half its workforce to Costa Rica and whose president is a Democratic politician who has contributed $2,000 to Obama.

WestStar Precision, a machine manufacturing firm headquartered in the Raleigh-Durham area, has a second plant located in San Jose, Costa Rica. There are 24 employees at each site, according to an NBC affiliate in Raleigh.

Ironically, Obama is traveling to the company’s headquarters to tout his new proposal to create jobs in the United States.

While he’s there, he can thank WestStar President Ervin Portman for his financial assistance.

According to the website Opensecrets.org, Portman, calling himself “Erv,” donated $1,000 to Obama on August 10, 2008. In a separate filing, “Ervin” Portman reported donating $1,000  to help fund Obama’s Inauguration.

Portman, who sits on the Board of Commissioners for Wake County, N.C., has also been a major contributor to other Democratic candidates.

And so the disaster that is this administration rolls on.

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