Democratic Slogan of the Day: Don’t Let the Republicans eliminate the closure of the donut hole

How’s that for a solid talking point? That’s what Debbie Wassermann Shultz (D-FL) said in the spin room after the Republican debate. From the Daily Caller:

When Cooper asked Wasserman Schultz if she thinks repealing the president’s health care reforms would create jobs, she didn’t directly answer yes or no.

“Oh, really, well, I find that interesting,” Wasserman Schultz told Cooper, side-stepping his question. “What repealing health care reform would do, especially to seniors in Florida, is it would eliminate the closure of the donut hole. It would cost seniors about $3,000 in additional prescription drug costs, it would get rid of the wellness visit that is now free, it would get rid of preventive screenings that don’t have copays.”

The “donut hole”. That’s as exciting as Gore’s “lock box”. It’s so inside-Washington that only another wonk would care. I prefer the slogans of the Republicans in the debate. From Ann Althouse’ live blog:

7:48 — “There are people comin’ to Texas — for 5 years in a row, the number 1 destination — they’re not comin’ because we’re overtaxing them. They’re comin’ to Texas because they know there’s still a land of freedom in America, freedom from overtaxation, freedom from overlitigation, and freedom from overregulation, and it’s called Texas. We need to do the same thing for America.” Well spoken! By Rick Perry.

Freedom. What a wonderful word. I’d vote for freedom. But I can’t imagine anyone screaming from the rafters: “Don’t eliminate the closure of the donut hole!!!!”

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