A Plea For Leniency

Over at the Belmont Club, Wretchard brings us a tale of corruption from the Golden State. It seems that one of the biggest figures in Democratic Party finances has come down with a severe case of Sticky Fingers, and has helped herself to a whole lot of money that was supposed to get and keep Democrats in office. For example, Diane Feinstein is reportedly missing about $5 million dollars.


In most cases, I’m very much a “law and order” kind of guy. If you break the law, you should expect to get caught. And if you get caught, you should be punished quite severely.


But as I look through the list of Kinde Durkee’s alleged victims, certain names jump out. The aforementioned Feinstein. Loretta Sanchez. The LA County Democratic Party. Further, there were plenty of warning signs that she was playing fast and loose with other people’s money, but her victims kept on trusting her.


In any criminal matter, when it gets to sentencing (which is after conviction, which hasn’t happened yet), the judge tends to take into account both aggravating and mitigating factors. In this case, I’d tend to think that her alleged victims thought they were part of the scheme — after all, any campaign finance official who doesn’t play fast and loose with things simply isn’t doing their job. But instead of being in on the con, they were the subjects of it.


Plus, look again at those victims. If they were hurt financially to the point where their elections (or re-elections) were imperiled, I’d argue that Durkee actually did a public service.  To feel bad for them is along the lines of feeling bad for Al Gore having his beachfront mansion wiped out by a storm, or a peace protester run over by a train, or noted plagiarist Perez Hilton getting… well, having anything bad happen to him. Certain people are just utterly undeserving of sympathy for most of their travails.


So… should we start a Kinde Durkee legal defense fund? After all, anyone who puts that kind of hurting on the re-election campaigns of Diane Feinstein and Loretta Sanchez can’t be all that bad…

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