Truther dare

Yesterday evening, after a long day of working on an RCIA presentation that’s due in about a week and squeezing in some Redskins football, I logged into the Brutally Honest admin dashboard and noticed that Fr. D. had a draft post ready for publication.  I read the first couple of paragraphs or so, found an appropriate image, published the piece and moved on.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I find that Fr. D. had put up a comment to his piece, and in it, he was addressing none other than Ann Barnhardt, who had left her own comment about an hour earlier.

I was initially confused.  Where in heck did references to truther conspiracies get posted that would garner Ms. Barnhardt’s rightful and righteous smackdown?

Right here… on my blog… by a guest blogger who has been publishing sermons nearly weekly on Sundays for two years… un-freaking believable:

TruthersWhen the 9/11 itself was over, there followed, of course, several more days of fire fighting and rescue efforts, and then a massive clean up and repair effort. As the time went by, the tensions of the day began to subside, little bit by little bit. But the big questions of How did it happen? Who did it? Why did it happen? all remained to be answered. This led us in the period, continuing right up to the present day, that I think of as the Great Cover–Up. This event had literally thousands and thousands of witnesses, each with some bit of evidence to contribute. The official report simply ignores the evidence of most of those witnesses and leaves unaddressed a lengthy list ofquestions. It says to the American people, “trust us, this is what you should believe if you know what is good for you.” What foolishness! To think that Americans would ever accept such instructions is really foolhardy, and they have not. There is strong evidence that points to an inside job, indicating that the lease holder of the World Trade Center had to have been at least complicit in the destruction of the buildings. This suggests that the US Government was also involved to allow the Pentagon attack to happen.

I initially felt the blood drain from my head, only to return quickly, most quickly.  My first reaction was to put up a comment followed immediately by a decision I knew I had to make.  And so I updated Fr. D.’s post:

UPDATE: It is with some alarm, with lots of surprise but with firmness and resoluteness that I do two things this morning.  Confess that I published this post from Fr. D. without fully reading it… and announce that as of this moment, Fr. D. has published his last guest post at Brutally Honest.  I’m an open-minded guy who will listen to perspectives that I don’t agree with… however… there are limits to that oppenness and Fr. D. with this post has breached those limits.  To suggest that 9/11 was an inside job, to suggest that the American government was somehow complicit in the atrocities, and to do so on my blog as a guest blogger is to cross a line one cannot simply step back over.  

Carry on.


That decision stands.  Fr. D. asked in email if he could put one last post up and I refused.  I told him to post a comment and he has… with more nonsense… complete nonsense.

Ann followed with a promise to send me something that rebuts the nonsense and I’ve put that PDF here.

To say that I’m stunned by this turn of events is to not give that stunning its due.  Fr. D., an Anglican (not Catholic) priest has, to my knowledge (and here again I confess to not reading every one of his sermons fully) never brought this subject up before.  He had reached out to me in email two years ago and asked if he could post his sermons and after reading a sampling, I agreed.

And two years later, he decided to take a figurative dump right in the middle of my figurative living room.

I sit here tonight incredulous… and wonder how I might’ve been so trusting.

The only silver lining in it all is finding out that Ann Barnhardt stopped by my little ole place.  Hope she plans on doing so again.

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