9/11: “Let’s roll.”

 “Let’s roll.” Those were the last known words of Todd Beamer, one of the passengers of United Flight 93.

Todd became known to the world because he was in telephone contact with someone on the ground at the time of the flight’s hijacking. Todd told the person that he and some other passengers were going to “jump on” the hijackers in order to stop the hijacking. Afterwards, Todd and his fellow passengers fought the hijackers in attempt to gain control of the airplane.  Alas, the airplane crashed, but it crashed somewhere other than where the hijackers wanted it to crash. The exact target of the hijackers is unknown, but believed to be either the White House or the U.S. Capitol.

Thanks to the heroism of Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers, the terrorists who hijacked United Flight 93 did not succeed in accomplishing their goal. So, is there anything that people can do – other than build them a memorial – to honor them?

Well, there is one thing that Christians could do in memory of Todd.  They can become involved in Christian ministries the way that Todd was involved. When it came to his faith, Todd walked his talk.


Todd Beamer


For example, Todd taught a Sunday school class, and he did whatever he could to aid children in need of help.

At the time of his death, the media reported that Todd had two children, with a third being on the way. In reality, Todd had a fourth child . . . the child he was sponsoring through Compassion International. (After 9/11, Compassion told its sponsors about Todd’s involvement with Compassion.)

When Todd’s daughter Morgan was born four months after 9/11, the family requested that, in lieu of baby gifts, people make donations to a children’s charity.*

So, one way to honor Todd Beamer would be to make a donation to charity. One doesn’t even have to be a Christian in order to do so.


Todd Beamer was a Compassion sponsor.

By the way, on September 9, 2011, the FOX News program “The Five” ended with a remembrance of victims of 9/11. Host Andrea Tantaros used her time to remember Todd Beamer.


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