Presidential Vaporware

I missed Presidential Obama’s address Thursday night (I had to shampoo my scalp), but I’ve cot enough clips and excerpts and accounts of it to draw a few conclusions. And it seems that I didn’t miss much.


First up, he said “pass the bill” at least 18 times. Apparently, he thinks that if he keeps saying it over and over and over again, it’ll happen by magic.


Second, he didn’t actually present a bill. There is no bill. All he brought was a bunch of vague ideas and pronouncements. I guess he figures that since that approach worked for ObamaCare — as Nancy Pelosi said, “you’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” — it ought to work here.


Third, he promised it would be paid for, but his details for paying the almost-half-a-trillion dollar tab is “to be determined later.” Apparently the responsibility for paying for the $447-billion-dollar package will get foisted off on the Super Duper Committee or Congress in general or something.


Fourth, this matter is so urgent that he won’t actually have the details of it ready for a couple of weeks. This makes me wonder why it was so urgent that he give his speech on the very night the Republican presidential candidates were scheduled to have their debate.


Finally, he harped on “bipartisanship” and “putting nation above party” over and over again. As far as I can tell, that boils down to “just agree now to pass the plan I’ll show you later.”


There’s an old ethnic joke that goes “what’s (ethnic) for F. you? ‘Trust me.'”


No, thanks. I’ll wait and see for “the most ethical and transparent administration” to actually show what it’s asking us to support before deciding.

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