But They Weren’t “Hostage-hostages”

Hey, folks, remember back during the debt ceiling debate, those who disagreed with the Democrats’ position of “spend ourselves out of debt” were called “hostage-takers” and “terrorists?” At the time, it was taken as a serious insult.


Turns out we were wrong. It was actually intended as high praise.


Either that, or President Obama is a supreme hypocrite, and we know that’s impossible.
Because yesterday, members of the Longshoreman’s Union in the port of Longview, Washington decided to ignore a restraining order and engage in some decidedly unlawful labor actions — such as sabotaging trains, destroying food and other cargo, and taking security guards hostage.


By the way, those acts of sabotage and destruction are considered “terrorist attacks” under the letter of the law — attacks on mass transportation and food supplies.


And what was the response of law enforcement to these terrorist attacks? No arrests whatsoever.


What will be the response of the court whose restraining order was ignored? Nothing as yet, and I ain’t holding my breath.


Now, the Longshoremen’s Union is a member of good standing of the AFL-CIO — whose president, Richard Trumka, was given a place of honor last night in the First Lady’s box during President Obama’s speech. And the AFL-CIO has said nothing about its terrorist members.


Earlier this week, I discussed how unions have moved into wholesale thuggery. And I also “defended” Jimmy Hoffa against charges that he was “inciting violence” from union members. I’d like to personally like to thank the Longshoremen for proving my point for me.


But to elaborate on my earlier point on Hoffa, I said that Hoffa wasn’t inciting violence, because unions don’t need incitement to resort to violence — it is their natural state. If anything, they need incitement to NOT be violent. And this proves it even more — Hoffa is the head of the Teamsters, which is not part of the AFL-CIO, the parent group of the Longshoremen. These terrorists (again, going by the legal definition, not the Democrats’ early hyperbole over the debt ceiling) did so on their own, fully confident that they would not be held accountable by either local or federal law enforcement.


And damn them, they will most likely be right. I don’t see Attorney General Eric Holder even mentioning this incident, let alone directing an investigation.


But maybe the House might be interested in the matter. These days, it seems that’s the only body the least bit concerned with the criminal activities of the Obama administration and its most valued supporters.

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