How a Lowly Blogger Can Teach Obama to Create 15 Million Jobs

I know I’m just a lowly right-wing blogger … which to the media means I’m a dumb, violent  racist… but I have written my own one sentence  jobs plan and I’m happy to let Obama present it tonight and even have him take the credit. As an added bonus, I’ll provide proof my plan is better than any of plans proposed today. First, let’s look at how the last $800 Billion jobs plan worked out:

According to the San Francisco Fed (not exactly a partisan source) the net effect of the first $800,000,000,000 was exactly zero jobs created.  Debbie Wasserman, the reality-challenged head of the DNC, says they are wrong. She claims it “created an additional”  3.6 million jobs.  OK heck, let’s use her number.  $800,000,000,000 / 3,600,000 jobs = $222,222 per job. That’s right boys and girls, liberals are now bragging it only cost them a quarter of a million dollars per job!

[Note to the media, are you guys listening?  The next time some liberal makes this goofy claim please ask them how exactly that’s a success story. Please? ]


So now Obama wants to spend $300 billion more. Let’s compare his track record with my one sentence plan for the same money.

You give every small business who has less than 50 employees a tax credit of $10,000 for every employee they hire over the 12 month average of people they had on the payroll. For two years. So if they hire someone for 2 years they get a $20,000 tax credit. That’s a REAL business incentive.

$300,000,000,000 / $20,000 = FIFTEEN MILLION JOBS at a cost of $20,000 per job.  And here’s the kicker… it’s foolproof… if no jobs are created it doesn’t cost us a dime!

Now if a dumb violet racist blogger can figure this out, why can’t the smartest man in the world and his ruling party figure it out and -more importantly- why THE HELL can’t the media ask him for some accountability on this money?  BY THE BEST NUMBER it cost Obama over $200,000 for every job created.  And the media can’t be bothered to ask why we should trust them with another penny.

Feel free to share this plan with any dumb racist violent friends who might appreciate it.  Don’t bother send it to anyone in the media, they’re all too smart to understand it.

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