We Didn’t Start The Fire (Maybe)

Every now and then, a certain type of story hits the news. A rash of arsons is solved, and it turns out to be a firefighter. Some cop wannabe buys himself some blue lights and starts pulling people over, only to be busted when he yanks a real cop. A rash of smashed windows turns out to be the work of the local glass repair guy. And so on.


The more I read about “Operation Fast And Furious,” especially this superb roundup by Doug Mataconis and especially this latest update by Bob Owens, who has been a freaking monster on covering this story, the more I get the same vibe. The vibe that says “this is a bad thing, but not enough people recognize that this is a bad thing. It needs to get worse so people will wake up and see this is a bad thing, and they will see me as a hero for calling their attention to it.”


And if it goes much further, I might have to ignore Godwin’s law and bring up an even uglier precedent…

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