The Political Compass

Several years ago, I was introduced to what is called the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.  The quiz is misleading, because it is written in a way so as to make people think that their political beliefs are those of the Libertarian Party.  The quiz is actually a recruiting tool used by that party. (I know so because I was a member of that party for 2 years.*)

Later, I discovered another online test that determines a person’s political orientation, and it is called the Political Compass.


Political Compass


I took the test pertaining to the Political Compass, and then I received my score, which shows where on the Political Compass I am located.

So, am I a Libertarian (at the bottom edge of the compass)? Answer: No.

Am I a Conservative (at the right edge of the compass)?  Answer: No.

My score is practically on the intersection of the two axes, although nobody can score exactly on the intersection. To be specific, my score is the upper-left corner of the Libertarian Right quadrant, as close to the intersection as possible.

So, I don’t fit the Libertarian Party. Indeed, I don’t fit any political party. That is why I function as a political independent (although I am registered as a Republican because my state does not have open primaries).

What about you? Have you taken the test to see where you are on the Political Compass?  If you have, then what is your score?  Are you certain that you are what you say you are?

[*My former membership in the Libertarian Party is what led me to learn that Ron Paul is a Libertarian in Republican guise.]

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