Surreal Estate

Every day, I try to find at least one thing that is humorous, or ironic, or just plain surreal that most people would overlook to brighten up my day. And most days, I succeed.


But today, I think I filled my quota for the week.


Early this morning, I went for a quick walk. It was raining moderately hard, but I didn’t mind. And less than a hundred yards from my home I saw a gentleman in a suit walking towards me.


My first thought was that it was awfully early for the Mormon “Elder” missionaries to be out and about. (Sorry, Mormons, but if you don’t want us to laugh, don’t send out teenagers with badges proclaiming them “Elders.”) But as we drew closer, I noticed more. First, he didn’t have the little Mormon nametag on. Second, it wasn’t just a suit, but a tuxedo — black, with black bowtie and white shirt. (He was white, so he couldn’t have been a Nation of Islam member.) And he was listening to an IPod or something, and carrying a pale red umbrella. Not pink, but soft red.


Did I mention it was raining? Moderately hard?

And here’s this guy in a black tux with a red umbrella walking the main streets of Lebanon, New Hampshire at quarter past seven in the morning. In the rain.




If anyone hands me a fur-lined coffee cup today, I may go slightly mad.

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