“I’ll Be Washing My Hair”

Well, tomorrow night President Obama will be giving his address on jobs to a joint session of Congress. And several Republicans have said they either will not or may not attend.


This is just grossly inappropriate and disrespectful and rude and needlessly partisan and just plain wrong. After all, it’s not like President Obama has a history of insulting and singling out people for insults and derision in his speeches to their faces, when they have no opportunity to respond…
Oh, wait, he does, doesn’t he? (See point 3 for several examples.)
I gotta say, if I were a Republican in Congress, especially a prominent one, I’d be tempted to pass as well. I have plenty of places where I could go if I wanted to get insulted and abused (some of which are even legal), mostly online, and the benefit there is that I can end it at any time I like.


Hey, there’s an idea: notify the White House that if Obama does start insulting and mocking and deriding the Republicans in his alleged “call for bipartisan support” in helping the nation, they should just get up and walk out, making it clear that they wanted to hear a policy proposal, not serve as props for a campaign speech. And remember, this is being held in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by John Boehner — while Nancy Pelosi might lock the doors or try to censure those who do walk out, he doesn’t have to.


Personally, I dunno if I’ll watch Obama’s grandstanding or not. I might have to wash my hair that night.


Oh, that’s right. I shave my head now.OK, I’ll be washing my scalp. I’m sure I can make that last the 45 minutes or so the SCOAMF bobs his head back and forth between the TelePrompters Of The United States.

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