“If you don’t agree [with Obama], you’re against rebuilding America”

That from Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter on the Obama network, MSNBC… but wait, there’s more:

Alter “It’s the way he throws down his gauntlet,” columnist Jonathan Alter said about President Obama’s upcoming jobs plan on MSNBC. “Chris, he’s got to say ‘my party and I are for rebuilding America, if you don’t agree you’re against rebuilding America. You are against jobs.’ He needs it to be jobs first. You’re either for more jobs or you’re not. Jobs immediately, you know.”

If that isn’t ludicrous enough for you, how about what David Corn had to say at the same link:

“That means getting out of this tar pit that the whole nation has fallen into, about deficit reduction and governmen spending, getting away from this narrative that what’s wrong with the economy is that the government’s problem is spending too much money.”

Video of this joke that passes as cogent commentary at RealClearPolitics.

H/T to The New Editor.

Is there any surprise, with minds like this pushing the agenda, that the country’s in serious trouble?

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