Obama’s calls for civility

In light of yesterday’s Jimmy Hoffa Jr. post, I thought this from Small Dead Animals would be good to link to:

Civility Aug 11, 2009: President Obama calls for civility in the health care debate.

Feb 4, 2010: President Obama calls for civility at National Prayer Breakfast.

Jan 12, 2011: President Obama calls for civility after Tucson shooting.

And this from the same source:

Immediately after Hoffa threatened his fellow Americans, Obama had the opportunity to encourage him to strive for civility. He did not. Instead, he included him in a list of folks he’s “proud” of.   h/t Marc in Calgary.

Obama isn’t who they told us he was…  he is who we told you he was.

Graphic kudos to ConservativeDailyNews.

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