Sarah Runs!

Well, walks — walked on stage, gave a pretty good talk, and walked off stage. And not a single Teleprompter in sight.


If you’re going to go to a political event, you couldn’t do better than to go along with Stacey McCain, Da Tech Guy, and Dan Collins. I got right up to the edge of the stage, and got lots of photos.


Sharron Angle was also here, and the talked about running against Harry Reid. If you didn’t hear, he’s one of those freaky, scary, oddball Mormons.


More as I get the time.

Update: No, Palin didn’t announce anything. And I am still a little turned off by her cornpone. But damn, the woman has presence and charisma. Also, I encountered no security (other than some bored-looking Manchester cops) and was within arms’ reach of her at one point, and less than twelve feet away during her entire talk.


I knew she wasn’t going to announce that she was running the instant she took the stage. She’s a runner, and there’s no way in hell a runner is going to run in high-heeled, open-toed shoes.


She’s also still a remarkably good-looking woman. And that has nothing to do with her almost-familial resemblance to my friend Candy in Maine, who’s also a pro-life, Christian mother of three daughters and two sons.


Sharron Angle apparently went to the Palin School Of Public Speaking, because she also wore the red jacket and black pants. But Sarah wore it a LOT better.


Lloyd Marcus also sang, and talked about how lucky he felt that he — a black man who, at least to me, seemed a bit… um… er… well, “fey” (thanks, Dan!) had yet to be lynched while on the Tea Party Express bus tour. Silly Lloyd — if you’re missing that, head for Massachusetts. They even have a Congressman (Democrat, of course) named Lynch.


OK, we have a governor also named Lynch, but he’s a Democrat, too. What IS it with Democrats and Lynching?

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