Briles’ Brazos buzzsaw bests BCS buster

Well that didn’t take long.  College football is back.  If you didn’t catch last night’s Baylor v. TCU game you missed  the proverbial barn-burner.   Waco is only an hour and a half tops from Ft. Worth and the Horned Frog faithful filled fully half of Floyd Casey Stadium.  First really interesting match-up on the schedule this season and it may have been the game of the year.

Oregon vs. LSU from JATG Stadium is the headline game today while the balance of the top 25 will be feasting on tasty, tasty cupcakes.  Mmmmm, cupcakes.  That’s probably what TCU was thinking.

Freaking meaningful football on opening weekend.  Say what you will about the BCS system, at least early season college games actually count for something.  Next Thursday’s Saints v. Packers game may be a hell of a show but in the grand scheme of things it’s meaningless.  Any hopes TCU had of busting the BCS again are essentially gone.  Playoffs are great and all, but give me the season long drama of 128 teams (well, honestly about 30) trying to walk a tightrope for 16 weeks.


"How can anyone muddle through such a mess?"
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