Barack Obama: Lost Telemarketer



There’s an annoying commercial making the rounds by Hertz, in which people are pigeon-holed into two classes, which Hertz tags as the ‘gas’ and the ‘brake’.  The ‘gas’ people are fun-loving, adventurous types while the ‘brake’ people are depicted as timid and, well, a bit dumber than the ‘gas’  people.   The commercial highlights the ‘gas’ people taking stupid risks, and driving rather recklessly.    If someone renting from Hertz were to actually drive one of their cars the way their commercials, the Hertz company would charge them for abusing the cars and bar them from ever renting again from them.  But the marketing guys don’t care about the real world; they just want to sell their story.


Barack Obama is really just a marketing guy in the wrong business.  He’s pretty slick at telling a story, especially if he doesn’t need to back it up with substance or results.   When he’s put in a job where he actually has to defend his claims, though, he gets into trouble right away.  Like the GEICO people who don’t see the paradox in having an animated reptile gush about how they have “real live people” waiting to talk to you, Obama glibly tosses off claims about his dreams for America without once making the slightest effort to actually do any work.   Like those paid celebrities who assure us how buying the product they endorse “will change your life”, Obama really seems to think his promises will come true just because he spews them on camera.  Come to that, Obama is a bit like Alec Baldwin, the once-competent actor demoted to eternal commercial pimpdom but convinced he still carries star-caliber charisma because his manager tells him so.  Obama has surrounded himself with people who protect him from the real world, so much so that he imaginesAmericareally buys into his con game.


So, it would seem that Barack Obama is simply a telemarketer who got lost and ended up in politics.  Then again, considering where people in his line of work usually end up,


maybe Obama is smarter than the average con man.  It looks like, at the worst, he’ll end up a free man with a pension and his ego intact.

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