Are you ready for some obfuscation!

We’ve all been waiting in anticipation of the upcoming, previously lockout-threatened NFL season.  Offering the Czar of the Teleprompter an opportunity to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with oft-repeated visions of just spending more money was genius.  I guarantee you Obama is steamed.  Having to miss the NFL opener because of work?  C’mon guys, can’t I just watch my Saints/Packers?

Best pregame show ever.  Did you know Jimmy Carter never said the word “malaise” during his infamous, presidency-dooming TV address?  Desperation is a stinky cologne.  Funny thing is ninety percent of the country won’t hear or care about the scheduling drama.  All they’ll care about is, “Again?  What the hell is that jackass blathering on about now?  Where’s the hell’s game?”

Well played.  There’s no way any speech will live up to the expectations.  Pundits can soil their loins all they want.  I imagine most folks will only hear the same old same old read off a teleprompter.  Obama’s continued reign as the Cincinnati Bengals of Presidents is the easiest prediction of the season.



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