Time To Dig Out The Fedora?

Hmm… it turns out that Sarah Palin’s coming to Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. I found that kinda sorta interesting at first. Then I heard that Dan Collins was flirting with the idea of attending. I don’t quite know where Dan hangs his hat, but I do know that he’d have to pass within a quarter mile of my home to get down there.And then Robert Stacey McCain announced that he was bringing the Fedora Of Doom to my beloved state’s Queen City.


So… should I dig up my own fedora, and see about car-pooling with Dan (along with Mr. Duckie and my laptop, The Electric Mayhem) down and see if I can connect with the infamous RSM? Would my reputation survive such an assault? Do I even have a reputation worth assaulting?

Re-Birther Of The Blues
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