Highway 12 at Mirlo Beach in the OBX – Wiped out

Nearly every year for about the last 4 or 5, we’ve spent a marvelous week at Mirlo Beach at a cottage called the Salty Dawg.  Two years ago, we were there when a particularly nasty Nor’easter came through and I put up a post I titled “Imagine what a hurricane would do.

Imagine no more.  

Here are three pictures taken today found at HamptonRoads.Com of the very area where we vacation.  The pictures show the general area we’d cross Highway 12 to get to the beach and that are depicted in those I put up two years ago.  

It’s tragic:

Mirlo Beach

Highway 12 at Mirlo Beach

Highway 12 at Mirlo BeachII
Sad stuff… seriously sad…

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