What, me a racist?

An interesting thing happened in the comments section of my previous post “Who is a racist?”  A critic of this blog posted the following comments:

Rick wrote: “One reader started accusing me (and this blog) of racism just because that particular post pertains to comments made by a politician who happens to be black.”

That’s just more bullshit. It’s the repeated pattern of racist posts attacking people of color — and the use of specific imagery by Rick and others on this blog that is aimed at and indicative of the underlying racism present in the GOP in general and the Tea Party in particular — that I’ve pointed out. Not one incident – many.

According to many around here, I complain a lot about racism, so how can it be just a situation where this one post got singled out unfairly?

And if you aren’t noticing the pattern then I’ll be more obvious about pointing it out when it surfaces.

The image used a lot here on Wizbang of the black man with the paddle is one of my favorites. It appears on posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with black people, a black man, violence, etc. Just a friendly reminder that black people are out to get ya! Lock and load! Lock and Load!

And before Wilson this blog was attacking Waters  — several posts about her, and there are others.

And the most blatant are the attacks on Obama where he’s done the exact same thing Bush has done, or Ronald Reagan or any other president Republican or Democrat, but racists hate Obama so much they overlook the fact that Obama isn’t doing anything different. But man, do they hate Obama.

But no, Rick, you lied when you said “just because that particular post pertains to comments made by a politician who happens to be black.” and you know it.

Like I said – I’ll be happy to point out more examples of this as time goes on. Thanks for starting the conversation, Rick – I’m looking forward to a dialog with you and others on this all-important topic you’ve raised.

 Now, I do not mind it when someone criticizes something that I wrote.  However, I do have one rule for those people who wish to criticize:

Pay attention to the name of the person who wrote the post that you are criticizing.

In the above comments, the critic repeatedly calls me “Rick”.  I am not Rick.  Does Rick look like this?:

Apparently I have not properly introduced myself to this blog’s readers. What else would explain someone calling me “Rick”?

It would be more appropriate to call me “Dodo” since I used to post comments using the name “Dodo David”. Back when this blog’s commenting system permitted people to vote down a comment, people voted down my comments whenever I made comments in defense of President and Mrs. Obama.  To see an example of me doing so, click here .  Now, would a white racist say anything in defense of President Obama?

A few months ago, I used my Blogger account to create two little blogs of my own. I didn’t expect anyone but me to read them. However, I did want to put on the Internet a public record of my thoughts.  On my blog Dodo World I posted the following comment:

I consider “birthers” to be in the same category as “9/11 truthers”. Members of both groups are so far out in orbit that NASA cannot get a radar fix on them.

Yes, the “birther” hoax was an unfair attack on President Obama. He had sufficiently proven his place of birth – Hawaii. He had reached the goal post, but “birthers” kept moving the goal post. I defended President Obama in regards to the “birther” hoax.  Now,  would a white racist do such a thing?

On my other little blog, I published a post titled “Dr. King’s Dream” in which I discuss the dream of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I end that post with the following statement:

Messiah Jesus put an end to racial and ethnic barriers, and Dr. King knew that, which is why he had his dream. Dr. King’s dream is a dream that every Christian should have.

In another post titled “The SBC & Minorities” I criticize the way that the Southern Baptist Convention used to treat African-Americans. I end that post with the following comment:

The SBC needs to repeatedly say loudly and clearly that blacks and whites are equal in the eyes of God . . . because they are.

I sufficiently demonstrated my belief in racial equality many years ago when I chose to attend a high school that once was an all-black high school, and my belief has not changed.

If all of the above is not enough to convince a person that I’m not a racist, then perhaps my daughter can talk some sense into that person. Oh, in case you didn’t aready know, my daughter is African-American.

In summary, claiming that I’m a racist makes as much sense as claiming that the Sun rises in the West.

Sadly, some people will continue to promote nonsense no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented to them.  Birthers have already proven that fact. Now, only time will tell if that fact will again be proven by one of this blog’s critics.





P.S. :  It is not my nature to act violently toward another person, but sometimes I want to do the following to my critics:

At times I am my own worst critic.


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