I, Racist

I’m here to tell you racism is everywhere, my friends.  Just today I was at Lowe’s looking for an insecticide and what do I see but a can of bug spray called “Black Flag” sitting right there in plain sight.  What does a black flag have to do with bugs?  Wouldn’t a white flag make more sense?  Like the bugs are surrendering?

What’s up with black flags in racing anyway?  Why do they wave a black flag when a driver has run afoul of the rules?  They’re saying, “Stop, nigger!”, in front of all his white racing buddies, that’s why.  When you see the white flag someone is about to win but the black flag means somebody’s broken the law.

Don’t even get me started on black holes.  Or stock photos.  Like the one I use on all my posts.  The one dripping in subtle racism.

Commenter Bob Armstrong in David’s post caught a whiff of racism behind my image de plume:

The image used a lot here on Wizbang of the black man with the paddle is one of my favorites. It appears on posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with black people, a black man, violence, etc. Just a friendly reminder that black people are out to get ya! Lock and load! Lock and Load!

Awesome, just awesome.

You know, if you’re seeing racism everywhere you look the problem is probably with you.  Unless you’re in the joint.  Everyone knows you keep to your own in lockup if you’re planning on surviving long.  Otherwise it’s shank or be shanked.

Why do you immediately associate my sig pic with a black man committing violence?  You don’t believe a black man can stand in front of a Texas high school locker holding a paddle without flying into a violent rage?  Why can’t a black man be principal?  A black man’s only good enough to hold a mop?  Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder when you pass a black man holding a mop lest he flog you and take your wallet?

For shame.

Anyway, not that it will change anything in your mind, I’ll give you the 911 on its meaning.  Last year I did a post on a school district in Texas reinstating corporal punishment at the high school.

That picture ran with the story.  Maybe I should ask why a news editor (or photographer – it’s got to be a stock photo) chose a black man for the shot.  Probably pretty scary to the white liberal audience the story was intended to outrage imagining a black man spanking their child.  My take at the time was:

I wish the state funded billboards at the border when you cross into Texas had that picture on them. This is filed under Breaking News because we don’t have an Awesome category.

Where you see a murderous black man I see a “Welcome to Texas, now cut the shit” ad campaign.

It has nothing to do with anything other than the Texas redneck schtick I flog to death around here.  Oddly enough, I don’t see everything in the context of race or black and white.  Which probably means I’m racist.  Who gives a shit that it’s a black principal?  Why does that even matter to you?

Then again I didn’t view Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of Crazy Joe Clark in Lean on Me as a cautionary tale.  Sure it was hagiography and the idea that Benson could be a superintendent was a stretch.  But it made me feel good.

So good I sometimes forget how completely unfair it is for a white male under any circumstances to criticize a black person.

Let’s face it, when a black man occupies the most visible office on Earth he will naturally be the subject of much ink.  Obama’s ineptitude has nothing to do with his blackness and I’d be the first to say so.  Am I the first to say so?  It’s just that everything he’s been taught is wrong.

I disagreed with Bush on a lot of stuff too.  When left-leaning types would squawk about arch-conservative Bush I’d just chuckle and say, “I wish.”  He spent too much.  He got rolled by Ted Kennedy on that god-awful education bill.  I was against TARP.

Dissent was the highest form of patriotism when Bush was President.  With Obama in the White House dissent is the surest sign of racism.

As far as taking shots at other black politicians goes, I don’t think they get any worse around here than anyone else.  The stories are usually racially tinged because many black politicians introduce race into disagreements that have nothing to do with black or white.

Hurricanes are in the news this week  Remember Hurricane Katrina?  All the horrific stories out of New Orleans the media that we now know were complete and total bullshit.  The rush to brand George Bush as the one who left black people behind to die.  He blew up the levees.  He hates black people.

Like that old gag about a New York Times announcing the impending strike of a killer asteroid – World to End Tomorrow; Blacks and Women Hardest Hit!

Was Barack Obama a racist when he criticized George Bush back in 2006?  Is there one set of rules for blacks taking shots at white politicians and another for any grousing about a black politician?  Black Democrat politician, that is.  Because if it’s a black Republican you can go right after Uncle Tom with Long Dong Silver innuendos and Aunt Jemima caricatures.

It’s really hard for me to cry a river for poor, mistreated Obama when there’s no shortage of people on the left jumping headlong into racist, misogynist, and homophobic slurs against Republicans without a peep from their peers.  Did you know Condazeela Rice is a black parrot?  That Michelle Malkin can do the ping pong ball trick?  That Rick Perry is gay?

Spare me.  There are plenty of racists in the US but racism as a viable institution only exists on one side of the political spectrum – and it ain’t the side waving Gadsden Flags at the Tea Parties.

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