A Radiant Love Story

Now for something bipartisan.

In order to take a break from controversies, Wizbang! Theater presents . . .

Written by David W. Robertson

(With editing by Rodney Graves)


Life had been consistently tough for Radiance. When she was a little girl, her mother was an addict, and her father was an inmate. As a result of her parents’ ways, she lived in poverty, and food was scarce. Once, her elder sister gave up her meal so that Radiance could eat.

The conditions under which Radiance lived were supposed to have improved once an elder cousin adopted her. Instead, they grew worse. Radiance was abused and neglected.

The State removed Radiance from that situation. For the rest of her childhood, she moved in and out of various foster homes and shelters. If an adult agreed to take her as a foster child, it was only to accrue to that adult the largess of the State.

The constant instability of her childhood left Radiance emotionally wounded and bereft of anyone she could trust or depend on. As an adult, she tried to deal with problems on her own. Her competence proved less powerful than her will, and as a result, her problems multiplied. Her future appeared grim.

Then Radiance met “him”.

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