Greedy Bastard

Hey, remember Obama buddy Warren Buffett volunteering to pay higher taxes? And volunteering his fellow billionaires as well? Well, one of those billionaires is answering — and he’s not happy about Buffett’s generosity with other people’s money.


I have a simple solution: the Massachusetts method. Back in 2000, the voters pushed through a provision that cut the income tax from 5.85% to 5.3%. However, as a sop to those who opposed it, they left the old rate as an option so people who, like Warren Buffett, felt they owed the state more money than they were required to pay, could still give more. And in the years since, the percentage of those who do choose the higher rate has never even come close to one twentieth of one percent.


So, there’s an option the House Republicans can propose: put the Democrats’ last proposal for tax rates into a law — but strictly as an option. If taxpayers choose, they can pay the higher rate. But if they don’t, then they pay the current rate.


Who could oppose that?



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