From The Shores Of Tripoli?

The Libyan rebellion just might be entering the endgame. Fox News is reporting that rebel forces are at the outskirts of Tripoli, that they have captured one of K-Daffy’s sons, and there are signs that K-Daffy might have fled the country.


It would be nice if Libya could overcome the tradition in the Islamic world for popular uprisings to end up making things far worse both for the common people and the global community at large. I think the last time something like this ended up for the better was the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of secular Turkey. I’m hoping… but I’m not optimistic. The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamists have a very good track record for taking advantage of power vacuums.


Update: Is anyone else as worried about the really important aspect of all this — what’s the word on  K-Daffy’s hot Ukrainian nurse and hot female bodyguards? Are they safe? Are they now available?

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