In Their Own Words

Last week, Michele Bachmann said something really, really stupid. And it was an unforced error. Speaking on the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, she invited those who’d come out to see her to celebrate his birthday.


This got a lot of attention, and even I had to admit that it made it difficult to take her seriously. That isn’t a slip of the tongue, that’s just plain wrong. And it bespeaks a carelessness that I don’t like. She didn’t need to bring up Elvis, but once she decided to, she had an obligation to get the basic facts right — and she didn’t.


Also last week, President Obama defended his administration’s taking over of GM and Chrysler. He chose to justify the means by citing the ends, declaring that the two hadn’t made a profit in “decades.”


Well, it turns out, just going by the last 20 years, GM made a profit in 12 of the last 20 years.


Now, this isn’t something important, like when Elvis Presley was born (January 8, 1935) or died  (August 16, 1977). This is just about why the President of the United States had his administration circumvent the existing bankruptcy laws and take over two huge publicly-traded corporations, screwing over the existing bondholders and rewarding his supporters in the unions.


Oh, and the latest news from Government Motors? “New GM” is not legally responsible for warranties on cars made by “Old GM.” Those of you who bought GM cars before the bailout — to quote the preacher from “Blazing Saddles,” “Son, you’re on your own.”


What’s the difference? Which story supports the mainstream media’s narrative, and which contradicts it? Bachmann is pushed as an intellectual lightweight, a not-too-bright woman way over her head, but not smart enough to realize it. But Obama is brilliant, the smartest man ever to sit in the Oval Office.


Bachmann lies, Bachmann just makes up stuff, Bachmann makes mistakes and refused to admit it. Obama, though, makes misstatements because he works so damned hard, and occasionally gets tired.


One can’t keep straight on which day a pop icon gone 34 years was born, and which day he died. One can’t keep his story straight on one of the biggest federal takeovers of private industry, and why he ordered it.


Which one again is the one that’s completely unqualified to be president?

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