And The (Union) Hits Just Keep On Coming

Ever notice that once you get a new car, you start spotting them everywhere? It’s an odd little psychological phenomenon.


Likewise, if you write a couple of articles on a topic, you often just keep finding more stories about that topic. You don’t even have to go looking for them, they just seem to find you.


For example, I’ve written a couple of pieces about union thuggery, and gosh darn it if those unions just don’t keep doing more and more thuggish things. It’s almost like they want me to have more material to write about.


The latest comes from the Land Of Fruits And Nuts, where the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), President Obama’s favorite union, came to the defense of a woman (possibly a member) is in danger of losing her home to foreclosure.


So, they did what unions tend to do in cases like this. They didn’t do a fundraiser, they didn’t try to get her a better-paying job, they didn’t even hire an attorney to represent her. Instead, they invaded and occupied the bank’s corporate offices.


When I first heard of this story, I was utterly gleeful. I was convinced that the union had finally stepped in it; they’d committed a federal offense. But then I found out it wasn’t a branch of the bank, but the headquarters.


But that’s OK, it gets better. The bank, naturally, summoned the police — who politely asked the union thugs to vacate. When they refused, the cops just shrugged and, presumably left for more donuts. The thugs didn’t leave until a senior bank VP agreed to meet with the woman and her family.


Were I the bank, I’d be tempted to go in with a bill for the disturbance and ask her if she’d mind if it was added to her mortgage, which is apparently a bit in arrears.But that’s why I’m not in banking.


Now, there have been quite a few cases of banks screwing up on foreclosures — I particularly enjoyed the tale out of Florida where Bank of America tried to foreclose on one couple that not only wasn’t in arrears, didn’t actually have a mortgage with Bank of America, but didn’t even have a mortgage at all — so the couple foreclosed on Bank of America.


In this case, the woman being threatened with foreclosure has a sympathetic case. They fell behind when one of the breadwinners died, but they’ve largely recovered financially and are looking for a bit of a modification. And the SEIU might have thought that championing such a sympathetic cause might undo some of the harm the union movement has inflicted upon itself of late.
But instead, they chose a tactic that only reinforces the perceptions that unions are filled with thugs who put their own “rights” ahead of pretty much everything, even the law and civility.


Which, I have to say, is a perception they’ve put a hell of a lot into earning.

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