Notes From The Road

Yesterday, I took a little road trip, and learned quite a few things.


1) No good deed goes unpunished. I stopped at the Basin, a rather scenic feature of New Hampshire. I spotted a family at one photogenic point, with Dad taking pictures of Mom and the two kids. I informed them that they needed at least one photo of all of them, so I took a picture of all four of them. Then Mom dropped her walking flip flop in the river. I went to recover it for her… and discovered that wet rocks tend to be slippery, hard, and occasionally sharp. A got a nasty abrasion on my forearm, gouged a chunk out of the base of my thumb, and thoroughly soaked my shoes, socks, and ass.


2) I need to check my calendar before I take these trips. Apparently yesterday was National Left Lane Squatter Day, and I ran into far more than my share of observers.


3) One non-observer was an older guy in a Volkswagen Rabbit. A first-generation Rabbit, pale green, two doors, diesel engine.


And an “Antique” license plate.


God help us, a first-generation Rabbit is now considered an “antique.” Someone shoot me now.

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