Empty Threats

This morning, President Obama called for Syria’s President Bashar Assad — “The Dorktator,” as Meryl Yourish dubbed him — to recognize his people’s calls for regime change and step down.


Assad has yet to offer a response, but my prediction is that it will translate to roughly “I fart in your general direction.”


Remember, Obama also called on K-Daffy to step down in Libya… and for his defiance, was rewarded with months of largely ineffectual bombs and missiles in a war Kinetic Military Action that was supposed to last “days, not weeks.”


There was a time when the mere thought of American disapproval sent one regime (coincidentally enough, one of the above) into a major come-to-Allah moment and caused it to surrender its entire WMD program, stop supporting terrorists around the world, and a host of other moves designed to bring it from a rogue nation into becoming a part of the global community. Now, though… it’s an empty threat from an empty suit, and most of the world has figured that out.


To the Obama administration, it seems, the only real “enemies” they have are their domestic political opponents.


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