Scum Things Never Change

Hey, remember that Verizon strike? Well, if you were wondering if the whole “new civility” had overtaken the union and they’d set aside the traditional union thuggery, rest assured — they haven’t.


I have a few ideas for union-management reform that won’t get anywhere, but they’re still fun to kick around.
The first is to simply allow both sides to engage in thuggery. When the unions start sabotaging equipment, stealing tools, harassing replacement workers and management at their homes, and openly assaulting those who cross the picket lines, they’ve forfeited their own protection. You block a vehicle trying to legally cross a picket line? Be ready to get run over. Go after someone on their private property? Make arrangement to have your trespassing, threatening corpse taken away. Go to steal or sabotage your employer? Same deal.


But that, of course, is anarchy. It’s rough justice, but it’s just not civil. Tremendously satisfying on an emotional level, and I think certainly justified, it definitely won’t fly.


So, alternately, let’s remind the unions that these traditional union practices are against the law. And let’s use their greatest strength — their unity — against them.


As soon as it’s proven that either 1) the unions are organizing, supporting, endorsing, or even tolerating illegal practices in the strike, or B) a certain number of union members are caught breaking the law in their strike practices (say, a dozen), then the union is immediately decertified by the employer and RICO charges are brought against the union and its leadership.


Now, this ain’t gonna fly, either. It might pass the House, but it will die a quiet death in the Senate, where the unions have bought and paid for the Democrats who hold sway there. And even if it were to get through to the Senate, President Obama himself also has been bought by the unions. And while buying Obama is a shaky preposition — the guy has a phenomenal record for dumping his loyalties when they start proving inconvenient — he needs the union’s money and volunteers for his re-election bid next year.


But damn, it’s a fun little fantasy, for the unions to be actually held accountable for their actions.

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