Oh, For God’s Sake, Not This Again…

Ever since Rick Perry had his Day Of Prayer, I’ve been kicking around writing about it. I wanted to express how I, an agnostic, don’t feel the least bit offended or threatened by his faith — and his openness about his faith. About how I feel more comfortable with Perry, whose beliefs I staunchly disagree with — than I do with Obama — who professes faith, but I strongly believe is at least an agnostic like me, if not an out-and-out atheist. About how I trust someone who is honest and sincere about their beliefs, even if I wholeheartedly reject many of them.


Anyway, I farted around about committing those thoughts to screen, and then Roger Simon went and wrote it for me.


And man, did his commenters go to town all over that theme.


Here’s a hint to the left (and the right): not all of us unbelievers (agnostics and atheists) are hostile to religion. We can — and often do — respect people who believe, and their beliefs, without having to agree with them. And we understand that very few Christians (let’s face it, that’s who we’re talking about here) are planning — covertly or overtly — to institute a theocracy and have their Christian beliefs imposed on the nation. (I think Pat Robertson, back in 1988, was the last one who really intended to do that. Can’t you hurry up and croak, Pat?)


And some of us have even read and understand the Constitution. Suppose we did elect a president who wanted to set up a Christian theocracy — what the hell could they do? The powers of the president to make that kind of changes are incredibly limited, and would be fought tooth and nail by a lot of people in a lot of ways — I know I’d be one of the first.


The Constitution guarantees us all freedom of religion, and that there shall be no religious tests for office. That doesn’t mean “freedom from religion,” and “no religious people can serve.” It means that people of very strong beliefs are free to hold those beliefs, and can hold any office.


And when they’re as open about their beliefs as Perry is (and Obama isn’t), then it’s up to us, the voters, to decide if we will give them our votes or not.


I dunno if I’ll vote for Perry in New Hampshire’s primary. Right now, I’m liking McCotter, with Herman Cain second. (I have a thing for lost causes. In 2008, I voted for Fred Thompson, and I don’t regret that in the least.) But I’d sure as hell vote for Perry over Obama.

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