“Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

Some of you might recall that a bit over a year ago, there was a huge to-do in Virginia about a proposed law that would allow holders of concealed-carry permits to bring their firearms into establishments that served alcohol — as long as the establishments didn’t forbid it on their own, of course. This sent the gun-grabbers into a huge tizzy, predicting nothing short of mass slaughter in every gin joint in the commonwealth, and they threw all their resources into defeating the bill.


What happened after that kind of slipped off the radar — at least mine. It turns out that the bill passed. The gun-grabbers paid very close attention to the fallout, and then… well, ended up saying very little.


Because actual gun crimes dropped in liquor establishments significantly after the law was passed.


It turns out that there’s a bit of truth in Robert Heinlein’s aphorism that “an armed society is a polite society.” Previously, if you (illegally) brought a gun into a bar, you could be fairly comfortable in presuming that you were likely the only one armed — and that was a tremendously empowering feeling if you started feeling rambunctious. Now, however, each and every single other patron just might be packing, too — and that seems to have had a tremendously calming influence on would-be troublemakers.


Imagine your average bully on a special education bus. Then imagine him on an NFL team bus. You think he’s gonna act the same in both situations?


It all boils down to a simple question: do you trust your fellow citizens to, by and large, not turn into psychos when given the slightest opportunity? Or do you fear your fellow citizens so much that you can’t dare to even give them the chance to make a bad choice?


I know where I stand. And Virginia just gave me another argument for my side.


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