4 Dead, Scores Hurt In Stage Collapse At Indiana State Fair

Amazing video of a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that killed 4 people and injured at least 24 others this evening. The stage collapsed right before Grammy winning, country superstars Sugarland wer set to go on stage. The Indianapolis Star reports:

The gust of the wind brought down the production equipment shortly before 9 p.m. tonight, according to Indianapolis Star reporter David Lindquist, who was at the fairgrounds for the Sugarland concert.

“The entire stage rigging collapsed, this is bad, this is very bad,” Lindquist said moments after it happened.

According to Lindquist, opening act Sara Bareilles finished her set by commenting what a beautiful night it was.

Less than 30 minutes later the stage set was on the ground.

Police estimate that there where 12,000 people attending the concert, but according toe Lindquist many had heeded a severe weather warning issued from stage by a radio station manager and moved indoors prior to the collapse.

Update: The death toll is now five, with over 40 injured. Thanks to cirby we now have a much clearer video. It appears that they had already cleared a lot of people out prior to the collapse. Had that not occurred the death toll and number of injured surely would have been much higher. Original grainy video here.

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