Children’s Crusade

About 20 years ago, Operation Rescue held its “Summer Of Mercy” in Kansas. And during the coverage, I saw one of their tactics to get past the barricades that kept them across the street from the abortion facility: every now and then they’d pull a mass rush across the street to get past the cops.


And most of the time, leading the charge into traffic, were children.


At that point, I vowed that I would never have the slightest sympathy for Operation Rescue.


I was reminded of that when I saw this video footage from a Verizon picket line. One particularly exemplary union member brought his daughter to the picket (I’m lousy at guessing kid’s ages, but I’d peg her as about 10 to 12). When a truck driven by replacement workers attempted to drive into the facility, this hero vilely cursed out the drivers while having his daughter stand in front of the truck to keep it from getting into the plant.


Here’s where we see just a smidgen of cognitive dissonance going on here. The potty-mouthed striker is calling the workers every vile name he can think of, impugning every aspect of their character, declaring that they are the lowest of the low, utterly without conscience or consideration for others, especially his daughter… while trusting in their basic decency to not just run her over and proceed in to work.


That right there is the face of today’s unions, folks. And no wonder they get along so well with the left — this kind of thuggery is their stock in trade, as well as a certain cognitive dissonance. For example, here we have a bunch of liberals holding a protest rally at the Wisconsin State House. One usually holds a protest to draw attention, but when “the wrong people” show up to pay attention to them and spread their message, they assault the 60-year-old woman who dares to videotape them.


One of the suggestions in Althouse’s comments was for people daring to document the Left might be wise to exercise their Constitutional rights to openly carry firearms for self-defense.


Robert Heinlein famously said “an armed society is a polite society.” That just might be some good advice.

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