Bachmann wins Iowa Republican straw poll

From @andylevy

RT @FixAaron: Results: Bachmann 4823, Paul 4671, Pawlenty 2293, Santorum 1657, Cain 1456, Romney 567, Gingrich 385, Huntsman 69, McCotter 35

Ace of Spades is also reporting that Rick Perry received 712 write-ins, which is more than the number of votes Romney received.  But Romney has largely ignored Iowa in order to concentrate on New Hampshire.  Bachmann’s campaign worked Iowa the hardest, handing out over 4000 vouchers to today’s mini-convention and straw poll.  Without a voucher, attendees would have to cough up $30 for a ticket to the event – but no one really ever does, because most of the attendance is bought and paid for by the various candidates.  So I guess Bachmann really got her money’s worth here.

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